Why Hire A Planner?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  Special parties and events require many details to fulfill your dreams.  Why leave these special details to fate?

Event Planners are trained professionals who will help you resource best-in-class vendors, manage your budget, and understand the behind-the-scenes details of the event planning business.  In general, on-site event planners who are provided to you as part of your event venue do a good job, but their focus is to make sure their employees do their job, primarily, making sure the food and beverage flows smoothly.  Many of these on-site planners are now allowed to work with you and your outside vendors,  such as your florist or photographer; they are also not as budget-conscience and many times they hand off the overall management of the event to another staff member once your event has begun.  By their doing so, many details throughout the event may go unmanaged, leaving room for error.  This is where our expertise benefit you the most.

At TO-DOers, our job is to make sure every single special detail is handled.  Dream about what you would like and let a trained professional help your dreams come true.  We are by your side from the beginning and stay with you until the end.  We will consult with you, research vendors, and find exactly what you need for your event.  Our professionals can manage the hard work for you, so you can enjoy your special day and truly “Be a guest at your own Party… worry-free.”