Best Friends’ Weddings

I recently had the honor of helping coordinate 2 weddings, the groom in each is a very good friend of mine.  First in August, my friend Ryland married his beautiful wife Kelly.  I am so happy for them.  They had an intimate sweet wedding at the San Marco Preservation Hall and a dinner reception at Matthews.  Six weeks later I helped with my friend Jim’s wedding to his beautiful wife Adrienne.  They were married at Nocatee Crosswater Hall on the Lawn with a reception in the hall following.

It’s always interesting working for friends.  Expectations can be higher and sometimes the situations get a little too comfortable and outside of the work zone.  I found it challenging as well as exciting to play a role in each of their weddings.  Something I learned is to always remember it’s a job.  Even if it’s your best friend, treat them as a client at all times when planning and keep their needs at the top of your list, just as you would any other client.  Try not to get into the comfort zone, or things may slip, yet you tend to hold yourself to a higher standard when working for friends and family.

I am proud of both of them and grateful to have participated with both of my friends’ special days.  It’s something I will never forget.


Photos by Tonya Beaver Photography

Photos by Jenn Guthrie Photography

Photos by Jenn Guthrie Photography

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